Built in Shropshire

Cornovii Homes are exclusively in Shropshire and through our homes and developments, we want to help to make Shropshire a great place to live, bolstered with strong communities and a resilient economy.

To assist us in our work, we partner with Shropshire-based businesses and contractors like us, they have Shropshire at heart, and are dedicated to helping us construct quality, sophisticatedly designed, high specification homes that cater to the needs of our residents.

Scenery in Shrewsbury

Through these partnerships, we are proud to be supporting employment within Shropshire. We sponsor apprenticeships, providing training opportunities for young people and provide open days for schools within the areas we develop and actively look for opportunities in which we can give back to the community through job opportunities.

With a strong connection to Shropshire Council, we are able to be reactive to the needs of Shropshire communities – and we are transparent with them as to our future plans.

All of our development consultations are visible, and wherever possible, we welcome feedback from local parishes and councillors to ensure our developments offer the value we strive for buyers and communities.

Land to sell

If you own a piece of land that you think may be suitable for development by Cornovii Homes, the team would like to hear from you. Please get in touch.


Our homes are, on average, 20% greener than your typical new build. We design our developments to optimise the thermal efficiency of homes, reduce carbon emissions and save our customers money on their utility bills.

We build homes designed for the future.


People are at the heart of what we do. As a Shropshire based company, our developments and homes are constructed to enhance local areas throughout Shropshire. We provide homes that people want to live in and invest back into the community through our initiatives.

We provide fantastic homes in great locations.


We build homes that people want to live in. Our homes are built to nationally described space standards and are stylishly designed to allow homeowners to thrive.

We build homes for modern living.


We pride ourselves on our renowned and trusted customer service. Our homes are inclusive to all throughout Shropshire, with a large percentage of Cornovii Homes being affordable.

Our service is comparable to the quality of our homes.

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