LABC Warranty


Cornovii Homes are proud to partner with Local Authority Build Control (LABC).

All properties from Cornovii Homes come with an LABC structural warranty, providing you with a 10-year guarantee on the structural integrity of your home. This also provides our buyers with the peace of mind that their home has been built to the highest standard.

All policies from LABC are underwritten by ‘A’ rated global insurers, meaning the homes of our buyers are protected. Purchasing a home with an LABC warranty can also provide your mortgage provider peace of mind, helping you secure the finance you need more easily. In working with LABC, Cornovii Homes are also registered for the Consumer Code for Home Builders, providing further protection for our buyers.

Cornovii Homes developments

Defects Insurance Period

Covering the first 2 years following your purchase, Cornovii Homes will resolve any snags or defects (which do not comply with the LABC Warranty policy).

These fixes can include any structural problems that may arise as a result of poor materials or workmanship, but we strive to work with some of the most reputable tradesman and companies within the county. This period does not cover buyers for any general wear and tear that naturally occurs within the home.

Structural Insurance Period

Covering the remaining 8 years of the policy, any claims required should be directed to the LABC Warranty team, who will assess the validity of your claim and will act accordingly.

During your home tour and exchange of your keys, we will run through how to get the most from your home and ensure any previous snags or defects have been resolved. We will also ensure you are comfortable with how to use your heating, boiler, etc and will give you helpful advice on how to ‘run’ your home.


We build homes that people want to live in. Our homes are built to nationally described space standards and are stylishly designed to allow homeowners to thrive.

We build homes for modern living


We pride ourselves on our renowned and trusted customer service. Our homes are inclusive to all throughout Shropshire, with a large percentage of Cornovii Homes being affordable.

Our service is comparable to the quality of our homes.


People are at the heart of what we do. As a Shropshire based company, our developments and homes are constructed to enhance local areas throughout Shropshire. We provide homes that people want to live in and invest back into the community through our initiatives.

We provide fantastic homes in great locations.


Our homes are, on average, 20% greener than your typical new build. We design our developments to optimise the thermal efficiency of homes, reduce carbon emissions and save our customers money on their utility bills.

We build homes designed for the future.

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